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Funyo is a Chatroulette Based Social Network


FunYo was launched in January of 2011 and is a popular Chatroulette alternative in our list. They usually have thousands of people online so you shouldn't ever have a problem finding new people to chat with.

If Facebook and Chatroulette had a baby it would look like FunYo except just for adults! The site combines all the aspects of a social network with a major focus on random webcam chat. It works very fast and is dependable with many features that you won't find on many other sites on our list. There is only one other site in our list of top sites that offers a social network but we think this site is more like Facebook and has more advanced features.

This site ranks in the top 50k in Alexa and usually has thousands of random users from around the world that you can connect with. This site is not only a top 20 site here, FunYo is actually one of my favorite sites to visit because of all the cool extra features that many of the the other roulette sites just don't provide.

The site has a cool design but can use some improvement when it comes to the way you interact with people. For instance if we am a straight guy we would only like to see girls but we have to go through a massive amount of men before we can see what we am looking for. With that being said we still think it is a great site that gets 2 thumbs up.

Update 5-6-2013:

FunYo is getting a facelift and is about to launch a new and improved version of their roulette application. As soon as it is released we will implement it on our site, we are very excited about this development. From what we have seen so far it will be a huge improvement over the old version they are using now.

Update 5-24-2013:

Funyo launched its new version of Chatroulette and it works fast and has tons of users online. It seems many of the Chatroulette alternatives out there started using a similar layout and probably the same company supplying them the application that runs roulette. Either way a huge improvement from the old version and way more users online.

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