TopChatSites FAQ

What is TopChatSites?

TopChatSites is a service which provides all of the best random chat sites and mobile apps in one place. Each site listed on TopChatSites features a review, description, and can be accessed directly from our domain.

How does TopChatSites work?

To use TopChatSites simply click on one of the top Chatroulette alternatives and you will find a review and description of the site as well as access to the main chat platform. You can chat directly from TopChatSites or navigate to the random cam site of your choice and chat there.

Can I use all of the chat sites without leaving TopChatSites?

Yes. We implement special coding to provide access to all sites listed on our domain without ever having to leave TopChatSites. Simply click on the service of your liking and you can start chatting immediately without ever leaving our site!

How do I change the language on TopChatSites?

You can change the language of our site by clicking on the flag located in the top right corner of the page. We offer a range of languages including:

Can I suggest a site that I think should be listed on TopChatSites?

Part of our service is ensuring that our listings are continually up to date and we have only the very best random chat sites around. We are always happy to review services suggested by our users and if they are up to our standard we will list them on our site. To suggest a new Chatroulette site simply fill in the suggestion form.

How do I contact TopChatSites?

If you have any problems, questions, comments, or feedback you can contact us using the online form located on the contact page.

Chat Rooms

Do I need to register to use the chat rooms?

No. All of the random cam sites listed on TopChatSites are free to use and do not require any registration or payment.

How do I connect to the chat platform?

To connect to a chat platform simply click on the large “Start” button once the platform loads. Then, allow the site access to your webcam so that others can see you. Once you have completed these two steps you will automatically be connected to your first stranger.

How do I connect with a new stranger?

If you would like to move on to a new stranger, simply click the “Next” button on the chat platform. You will then disconnect from your current chat and be connected with somebody new.

How do I only connect with people who have their webcams on?

Many of our chat platforms allow you to connect only with people who have their webcams turned on. If you would like to choose this option, check the box beside the webcam icon on the chat platform and then click “Next”. You will now only connect with people who are displaying their webcam.

How do I talk only to people from a certain country?

If you would like to connect only with people from a country of your choice, click on the “Country” tab located at the top of the chat platform. From here you will find many countries around the world which you can select to only connect with strangers who are located there.

How do I send the message I’ve written in the text box?

If you are using the text box to chat with your partner you can send the message you have types by hitting “Enter” on your keyboard.

How do I use my microphone to chat?

If you would like to voice chat with your partner, ensure your microphone is enabled in your web browser and selected as the sound input device by hovering your mouse over your webcam feed and choosing from the dropdown list. When selected, your partner will be able to hear you speak.

Can I see a past conversation that I had with someone?

No. Currently there is no way to view past conversations as it defeats the purpose of random chat and all users are anonymous without profiles.


Why won’t the chat platform open?

If the chat room platform won’t open it is possible that you have been banned for breaking the rules of that random chat site. If you believe you have been banned in error, please contact the customer service team of the service you are trying to access.

Why won’t my webcam work here?

If your webcam won’t activate, follow these steps to fix the problem:

Why can’t I hear the other person speaking?

If you can’t hear any sounds from the other person on cam there are several things you can do to fix this:

Why does it say I am in the wrong country when chatting?

The country you are displayed under is determined by your IP address and location. If you are showing as being located in a different country, it is because you are using a proxy or IP address based in that country.

Why can’t I search for people by age?

The purpose of random chat is to connect with people of all ages groups from around the world. Since the service we offer is for people over the age of 18 only, there are no plans in place to offer filtering of people by age group.


Is random chat safe for children under 18?

All random chat sites listed on TopChatSites are intended for mature audiences. We make no guarantee that users will not encounter adult material while using our services since it is all user based content.

Can someone record the chat and post it online?

It is possible that the person you are connected with will use software to record their conversation with you on random chat. It is impossible for us to monitor the use of such software and we highly recommend you follow and abide our safety tips listed below.

How do I stay safe when using the random chat?

There are several steps you can take to stay safe when chatting online including: